The Freeport Trailer

Every human being has an equal, inherent worth and right to dignity.

Volunteering is about sharing your 

COmpassion,   LOve, and KIndness   with others.

Current Volunteer Positions

Volunteer English Language Tutors- teach one-on-one or small-group English lessons with students. The benefits of being a tutor are that you will gain valuable experience in teaching English and learning about social justice issues affecting day laborers. You will have the flexibility of developing lessons and activities that meet the individual needs of the students.  You will work with an experienced coordinator who will provide assistance and resources throughout the program.  You do not need previous teaching experience, only an interest in teaching English.  Click here to learn more about the program.

Volunteer Rosetta Stone Computer Assistants - assist learners with the Rosetta Stone software program on the Freeport Trailer's computers.  Some of the men have never used a computer before.  They need help setting up the program and learning basic computer skills.

Wage Theft Program Volunteers- help the men recoup unpaid wages.  Unfortunately, wage theft is prevalent among the day laborer community. The Freeport Trailer is looking for people who are interested in assisting the men recoup unpaid wages by helping them in filing small claims court applications and/or accompanying them to court.  This is a great opportunity for a law student, paralegal, or anyone who wants to get involved with helping others.

Volunteer Bilingual Social Workers- can assist the men in dealing with their daily struggles.  Day laborers face many unique challenges, including: unpredictable employment, unscrupulous employers, homelessness, lack of language skills, culture shock, difficult working conditions, and incidents of harassment. Spanish-speaking social workers can be a valuable asset to the mental health of the immigrants who frequent the trailer.

To apply to be a volunteer, please contact us at 516-442-0955.


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