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Every human being has an equal, inherent worth and right to dignity.


The Gift of Sight

Everyone has moments when they make a choice, accept things and pretend not to see what is going on (willful blindness) or take action in order to make a positive difference in the world.  A perfect example of the latter...

Dr. Hatsis, Dr. Nissirios and their staff at Hatsis Laser Vision in RVC yesterday performed 3 more vision-saving surgeries (bringing the # to 5) !!!  All 5 suffered from what is called pterygiums (a condition common in people living near the equator and with excess exposure to sunlight and wind ). Left untreated, vision can become severely impaired and cause major inflammation as was the case with these men.

These amazing doctors have done thousands of surgeries in third world countries and have extended their generosity & skill to help the men of The Freeport Trailer.  They have altered these men's lives forever through their kindness.  -Liz O'Shaughnessy (January, 2013)

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