The Freeport Trailer

Every human being has an equal, inherent worth and right to dignity.

Our Programs

Our goals are not only to give immediate assistance, but to help make lasting improvements in the lives of the immigrants who come to the trailer.  Through our programs we hope to empower individuals to become active contributors to their community.

We organize and maintain a Job Bank in order to assist with employment and provide workers for local contractors and homeowners. Unfortunately, those most in need are often the ones who fall victim to the fairly common practice of not being paid for their labor.  We provide assistance in recouping unpaid wages and other abuses through our Wage Theft Program.

We have an English Language Program for individuals to improve their English and literacy skills, further empowering them to help themselves.  We provide English language classes, literacy tutoring, and we also have Rosetta Stone software for students to utilize.  Click here to learn more about it.

Our Organic, Community Garden helps to improve the quality of the food served and helps us on the road to becoming more self-sufficient and less reliant on donations of food. The garden is  labor of love that has paid back in spades.  We have grown melons, onions, radishes, beans, eggplant, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, corn, mint, cilantro, chilli peppers, and even a coffee plant.  Some of the seeds have come from family in other countries so the guys have a taste of home (literally)!

Our Volunteer Cook Program enables some of the men to take on a leadership role in the trailer.  Their responsibilities include opening the trailer between 5:00-5:30 am and having hot, nutritious meals ready by 6:00 am.  The meal consists of donations from Island Harvest as well as staples that we purchase on a weekly basis.  The trailer serves approximately 300-400 meals per week (depending on the season).

We maintain an I.D. Card Program which provides photo identification cards to give the men a sense of identity.  The Freeport Trailer I.D. card also enables them to access services within the community that require photo identification.

Through our Work Boot Program, we have provided workers with steel toe, work boots to help them procure work without sacrificing their personal safety.

The Living Assistance Program allows us to provide support to workers who fall on hard times for a variety of unavoidable reasons.  They work hard to repay their advances so that we can extend the assistance to others who are in need.  This financial support can allow them to retain a roof over their heads.


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