The Freeport Trailer

Every human being has an equal, inherent worth and right to dignity.

 Friends of the Freeport Trailer

We value and appreciate the cooperation and support that we've received from the Freeport Mayor Robert Kennedy.  We would also like to acknowledge the positive and ongoing relationship that we are privileged to have with the Village of Freeport.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the foundations and private donors who support our organization. We also want to thank our community partners who have generously shared their valuable time and services with us.
The Hagedorn Foundation

The Board and staff of the Hagedorn Foundation believe that the strongest, most vibrant communities embody the ideals of justice, equity, respect, and goodwill towards all of their members. As Long Island wrestles with the challenges arising from the meeting of established residents and newly arrived immigrants, the Foundation seeks to reduce tensions emerging from these encounters. For the last 12 years the Foundation has strived to help Nassau and Suffolk Counties - governments, businesses, nonprofits, neighborhoods, and residents - achieve the ideal of a truly welcoming and just Long Island by supporting organizations and partnerships working to improve their communities through practical and respectful policies and creative programs. 



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