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The Freeport Trailer's English Language Program

The goal of The Freeport Trailer's English Language Program is to empower students by increasing their level of English proficiency. Non-literate students will attain the basic literacy skills needed to function more effectively in the community, and improve their performance at job sites. This program will enable our students to further develop their roles as community participants, workers, and lifelong learners.


Our tutors focus on topics that are relevant to their students' lives.  Here are some examples of topics that we address: public transportation, community places, health and safety, negotiating wages, working conditions, speaking to police officers, describing an emergency, worker's rights, construction/landscaping vocabulary, tools and building supplies, asking for directions, polite behaviors across cultures, and many more relevant topics.


Publishers have generously donated textbooks for us to use like Side By Side (level 1) student books. We also have the Oxford English Picture Dictionary, along with the teacher's guide with lesson plans. The Oxford teacher's guide has CD's with listening activities and pronunciation exercises.  The Oxford series is great for beginners and has over 4,000 vocabulary words in it.  We have English for Day Laborers and Construction Workers which provides relevant vocabulary and topics for discussion. We also have a subscription of News For You, which is a weekly ESL newspaper that comes with activities/lessons for more advanced students.


Our creative tutors also try to incorporate authentic materials in their lessons such as magazines, newspapers, photographs, circulars from Home Depot, supermarket flyers, and bus/train schedules, etc. Tutors also have access to a variety of board games, like Boggle and Scrabble, to enhance their lessons.  Students may also utilize our laptop computers with Rosetta Stone software and Internet access.

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