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Every human being has an equal, inherent worth and right to dignity.

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Dear Friends,

There are so many stories that come out of the Freeport Trailer it would take

a book to include them all. But I would like to share one... about 7 months

ago during a particularly nasty spate of weather, an older gentleman named

Juan approached me. He told me he had become recently unemployed,

unable to pay his rent and had no option but to sleep outside in the woods.

He simply wanted to say thank you and to express how grateful he was that

the trailer provided him a place to spend a few hours each day out of the

elements. He looked exhausted. We made a small (unsolicited) loan and

found him a temporary place to stay. He started helping out with cleaning,

which moved him to the top of the list for work. Everyone who hired him

loved him and he was getting more and more jobs. Fast forward... Juan

called last month to say how the help he received has changed his life. He

now lives in a house where he says the people treat him like family! He was

calling to say goodbye, he wouldn’t be seeing us anymore since he was

working full time. He did, however, ask to come back one last time so that

he could paint and renovate the outside of the trailer as a way of saying

thank you (this was accomplished with the generous help of donor & friend


I have to be honest, this is not always the easiest job but it is one that

myself, the board of directors & our incredible volunteers continue to do

because of the benefits our efforts provide. There are so many worthy,

wonderful human beings that pass through our doors. These are men who

continue to work hard year after year; who are incredibly appreciative of the

ability to attend our ESL classes when they have never had the privilege of

an education back home; who are grateful to be treated with dignity &

respect; workers who have a place to help them recoup stolen and unpaid

wages & who receive any assistance they may be in need of that is within

our capacity to give. Your generosity is what allows us to keep the doors

open 6 days a week providing sustenance, shelter, classes, workshops,

recreation, camaraderie and, most importantly, jobs to a great number of low

wage workers.

This ONLY happens with your blessing & financial support. The wonderful

Hagedorn Foundation closes their doors (by design) at the end of 2017. We

will work extremely hard to fill that funding gap but it will be very difficult. We

hope we can count on your support to keep our mission alive. Perhaps you

can help us spread the word to your compassionate friends, family and coworkers

as well. Thank you very, very much for whatever you can do!

With love,


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